Defense Acquisition Workforce Awards

2022 Defense Acquisition Workforce Awards

The Call for Nominations for the DoD's 2022 Defense Acquisition Workforce Awards, issued by Dr. William A. LaPlante, Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition and Sustainment, closed on July 22, 2022. Taking place December 15, 2022, the awards ceremony will recognize the Defense Acquisition Workforce for their accomplishments in support of the National Defense Strategy.

The Defense Acquisition Workforce is composed of more than 187,300 civilian and military professionals from the Department of the Army, Department of the Navy, Department of the Air Force, Defense Agencies, and Field Activities. The acquisition workforce is critical to delivering products and services to the Warfighter - affordable and at the speed of relevance. We are proud of these professionals and their accomplishments as they develop, acquire and sustain operational capability. We proudly celebrate the devotion, professionalism and results of this workforce.

  • Awards Presented:
  • Defense Acquisition Individual Achievement Award

    The Defense Acquisition Workforce Individual Achievement Awards recognizes individuals who demonstrate the highest levels of excellence and professionalism in their respective acquisition functional area.

  • David Packard Excellence in Acquisition Award

    The David Packard Excellence in Acquisition Award recognizes DoD acquisition program and other teams who have demonstrated excellence and innovation in developing, acquiring, and sustaining operational capability that supports the National Defense Strategy lines of effort to increase readiness and lethality, strengthen alliances and achieve significant reform.

  • Software Innovation Team Award

    The Software Innovation Team Award, established in 2019, recognizes teams who are driving speed and innovation in continuous software development and acquisition as evidenced by frequent and high-quality delivery of software capabilities into the hands of Warfighters.

  • Flexibility in Contracting Award

    The Flexibility in Contracting Award was established by Section 834 of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2017. The award recognizes professionals who have demonstrated “innovation and local adaptation” by using the flexibilities and authorities granted by the Federal Acquisition Regulation and DoD Instruction 5000.02, “Operation of the Defense Acquisition System”.

  • Defense Acquisition Workforce Development Innovation Award

    The Defense Acquisition Workforce Development Innovation Awards recognize acquisition organizations that have demonstrated exceptional innovation in talent management.

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