Workforce Metrics


HCI compiles, reviews, and analyzes key information from each DoD Component on the Defense Acquisition Workforce quarterly.  Metrics on DAWIA Certification Levels, Retirement Eligibility Rates, Gains and Losses, Employee Demographics, etc. are analyzed to determine strategic and continuous improvement decisions. The FY 2016-FY2021 Acquisition Workforce Strategic Plan (Report to Congress) served to baseline key workforce information and was developed from HCI analysis in partnership with Defense Acquisition Workforce Functional Leaders and Components. Key information summaries for the entire Defense Acquisition Workforce, along with each Functional Career Field can be found below.

AWF - Historical Workforce Size FY08-FY21 Q4

Acquisition Workforce (AWF) historical overall bar graph

		The x-axis depicts years FY08 to FY21 Q4 and the y-axis depicts the number of workforce in thousands. The graph separates AWF data by civilian and military.

		For FY08 the civilian AWF was at 110,934 and military AWF at 14,945. Total 125,879.
		For FY09 the civilian AWF was at 118,445 and military AWF at 14,658. Total 133,103.
		For FY10 the civilian AWF was at 132,821 and military AWF at 14,884. Total 147,705.
		For FY11 the civilian AWF was at 136,452 and military AWF at 15,439. Total 151,891.
		For FY12 the civilian AWF was at 136,714 and military AWF at 15,612. Total 152,326.
		For FY13 the civilian AWF was at 135,513 and military AWF at 15,842. Total 151,355.
		For FY14 the civilian AWF was at 134,808 and military AWF at 15,657. Total 150,465.
		For FY15 the civilian AWF was at 140,962 and military AWF at 15,351. Total 156,313.
		For FY16 the civilian AWF was at 145,988 and military AWF at 15,481. Total 161,469.
		For FY17 the civilian AWF was at 149,782 and military AWF at 15,493. Total 165,275.
		For FY18 the civilian AWF was at 157,318 and military AWF at 15,148. Total 172,736.
		For FY19 the civilian AWF was at 164,118 and military AWF at 16,237. Total 180,355.
		For FY20 the civilian AWF was at 169,324 and military AWF at 15,972. Total 185,296.
		For FY21 Q4 the civilian AWF was at 170,560 and military AWF at 15,967. Total 186,527.>
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Defense Acquisition Workforce by Component

Acquisition Workforce (AWF) by component pie graph.

						The pie chart shows the breakdown of the AWF by component as of June 30, 2021, with the total workforce as being 185,527 people. The pie chart shows the largest AWF being the Navy with 67,519 (or 36%), then Army with 44,366 (or 24%), Air Force with 43,898 (or 23%), 4th Estate with 27,751 (or 15%) and Marine Corps consisting of 2,993 (or 2%) of the total acquisition workforce.