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To execute Department of Defense-wide acquisition workforce governance, strategies, policies and talent management initiatives to equip a highly-qualified workforce of professionals in acquiring and delivering world-class warfighting capabilities to our Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines.


To create a high quality, high-performing, agile Defense Acquisition Workforce, empowered to deliver the best possible acquisition outcomes in support of the Warfighter.


  • Agility - Remembering we are here to support the Warfighter - always looking for ways to achieve agility in the way we manage and respond to our acquisition workforce needs;
  • Integrity - Never compromising our values and always taking the "high road" of ethical behavior in all that we do;
  • Responsiveness - When a customer calls, we promptly "answer that call" with solutions in a positive, flexible and professional manner;
  • Quality - We are proud of our call to public service and to the critical missions that we support. We will strive to achieve and maintain a culture reflecting the highest levels of performance, as we understand that "quality is not an event, but a habit;"
  • Professionalism - While each of us self-improves to develop our career potential, we also do this to ensure the best possible acquisition outcomes out of respect for those Warfighters who "put it all on the line."

Mission Responsibilities

The Office of Human Capital Initiatives is responsible for assisting the USD(A&S) in carrying out statutory powers, functions, and duties of the Secretary of Defense with respect to the Defense Acquisition Workforce (AWF), and as it relates to the Defense Acquisition Improvement Act (DAWIA). In the increasingly fast-paced world of changing threats and evolving technologies, the DoD AWF must not only meet current needs, but anticipate future requirements and warfighting capabilities. The Office of Human Capital Initiatives will implement workforce strategies, policies and procedures that position the DoD to attract and retain the most competent professionals, to guarantee that the AWF is highly skilled and trained to meet current and future needs, and that DoD acquisition professionals share a culture that is dedicated to excellence and to serving the needs of the Warfighter.


Defense Acquisition Workforce Senior Steering Board

The SSB is chartered to oversee the execution of the Acquisition Workforce Education, Training, and Career Development Program. The SSB is chaired by the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition and Sustainment (A&S) to ensure integration and position workforce outcomes by instituting overarching workforce strategy, policy and oversight. The SSB includes the Director of HCI as the executive secretary, a senior official from the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense Comptroller, Personnel and Readiness, and CAEs. Topics discussed range from Presidential Budgets, Component and Functional growth strategies, updates for the Departments of the Army, Navy, Air Force and the 4th Estate, and legislative initiatives.

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Ellen M. Lord

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José Gonzalez

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James P.

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Anita Blair

Service/Component Acquisition Executives


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Dr. Bruce D. Jette

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Paul A.

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Jeffrey White


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James "Hondo" Geurts

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Allison Stiller

Air Force

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Dr. William Roper

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Darlene Costello


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Rear Adm. David
H. Lewis


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Anita Bales


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Matthew Bebee

The Defense Acquisition Functional Leaders

Functional Leaders establishes and oversees a Functional Integrated Product Team (FIPT), recommends initiatives for career development, and appoints a FIPT Executive Secretary or Chair. DoD Components, Defense Acquisition University (DAU), HCI and other organizations, as appropriate, are represented in the FIPT. The FIPT mission is to support the career field Functional Leader in carrying out their responsibilities. Functional Leaders establish, oversee, and maintain the education, training, and experience requirements including competencies and certification standards; position category description(s); and content of the DAU courses as current, technically accurate, and consistent with DoD acquisition policies.





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David Cadman


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Kevin Fahey


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Melissa Benkert


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James Dalton


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Shannon Jackson


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Kim Herrington


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Timothy Dare


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Andy Monje (Acting FL)


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Dale Ormond


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Bobbie Sanders


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Gary Motsek


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Anita Bales


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Kenneth Brennan

Directors for Acquisition Career Management

The Departments of the Army, Navy, Air Force, and the 4th Estate DACMs act as conduits to assist communications between Defense Acquisition Workforce standards and the civilian and military workforce. The DACMs proactively identify workforce trends and counterchallenges by developing policies and programs to address gaps. They provide acquisition career and training expertise to their departments or agencies, and advocate for success. The DACMs work closely with hiring agencies and their constituents to recruit the best and brightest to the acquisition workforce.


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Craig Spisak


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Marianne Lyons

Air Force

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David Slade

4th Estate

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Scott Bauer